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Work Requests in Regina

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Learn more about North American Basement Systems' recent work requests in Regina, SK
Vicinity of in Regina
Damp crawl space - funny smell-
Vicinity of Knox Place in Regina
Quote for Spray foam insulation for a crawl space: 46'x 28'x 4' Canora Beach, Sk. Good Spirit Lake
Vicinity of Dewdney Ave in Regina
Looking to cut basement wall for bigger egress windows.
Vicinity of Speers Dr in Regina
Hi. Basement has water coming in has my property lower than neighbour. I am looking at solving problem with drainage and elevatation. Can you help? Andre
Vicinity of Tanager Cres in Regina
Wet crawl space. Musty smell. There is a regular humidifier which is not working properly I believe.
Vicinity of James Hill Road in Regina
In need quotation to install sump pump as I have water problems in basement.
Vicinity of Little Pine Loop in Regina
Hi there. I would like to get a quote on a backup sump system to be installed in my current pit. Thanks.
Vicinity of E Sandpiper Crescent in Regina
We have changed 4 sump pumps in less than 7 years. We need to know what can be done, if anything, to rectify whatever causes this and get a quote on a new system if required. Please - this has to be a free, no-obligation quote.
Vicinity of Queen Street in Regina
Very serious inquiry, please come and give us an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of McAra Street in Regina
Looking for a quote on a commercial building crawlspace
Vicinity of Upland DR. in Regina
Looking for price and availability on an egress window well cover. Window well is 49 L x 30 W x 22 D. Looking for cover that flips up and opens and lets light in.
Vicinity of Westminster Road in Regina
We are interested in finding out the approximate cost of installing a sum pump in our concrete basement. Would it be possible for you to give us a range? Before we get you in to do an estimate? Much Thanks!
Vicinity of Scrivener Cres in Regina
Water leaking inside on my basement through wall and I small crack on wall and lots of water outside close to wall
Vicinity of Fort St in Regina
Based on an inspection of my home the following items need to be addressed: 1) vapour barrier needs to be brought up walls of crawl space - drafting has caused some wood deterioration. Needs vapour barrier and possible replacement of some wood. 2) one beam is not attached to the front wall and needs to be attached 3) beams of original house go one direction, while beams of addition go opposite direction and they are not attached to each other. Beams need to be attached. This has resulted in some twisting of the telepost beams, so there may be some repair of telepost beams required.
Vicinity of Froom Crescent in Regina
I have started noticing wet spots in my carpet in the basement, and my baseboards are discoloring in some areas, and worse in others, as well as warping of the baseboards. Would like a call back.
Vicinity of Rae Street in Regina
Hi. I'm interested in obtaining a quote to put a liner into our existing dirt floor vented crawl space in Regina. The crawl space is under an addition.
Vicinity of Dunn Place in Regina
Foundation cracks
Vicinity of in Regina
Crawl space requires insulation and sealing (mice)
Vicinity of Ellison Crescent in Regina
I'm requesting a quote to put in a sump pump! Thank you
Vicinity of N Lakewood Dr in Regina
I would like to know if you sell the crawl space dehumidifier units? If so what's the cost and what's the soonest I could have it?
Vicinity of Williston Drive in Regina
After a heavy rain, water runs in basement window. Need estimate for new window well.
Vicinity of Wadge Street in Regina
I have a crack along 1 wall of my basement and it allows a small amount of water in during spring melt. I would like to get this repaired so that I can finish the basement, please contact me to set up an appointment, Thanks.
Vicinity of Haultain Cr in Regina
Water leaks in basement when we have heavy rains or melting.It was only in only in two areas...laundry room and front of house under front stairs. Now it appears to be all along the front area of the basement
Vicinity of McCarthy Blvd in Regina
After heavy rains, water seeps in the basement along one wall only
Vicinity of in Regina
No basement just a crawl space of 30". House has sunk on the East side and cracks in cement blocks
Vicinity of Davis Place in Regina
Looking to purchase these panels. thanks.
Vicinity of Broderick Bay in Regina
Hi, we are interested in thermal dry faux wood flooring tiles. Would appreciate quick response. Thanks much Anil
Vicinity of Assiniboine Ave in Regina
I would like to get an estimate for the installation of a 2nd sump pump in my home.
Vicinity of Sunset Drive in Regina
We have water sepage that is coming in from the basement walls and in between the basement walls and the basement floor. We need the exteriour excavated and waterproofing done, weaping tile installed, sump pit installed, new larger window wells installed. looking to get an estimate done and a date when the work can be started.
Vicinity of N Maple Hill Cres in Regina
We have water entering our crawlspace where our sewer pipe enters.
Vicinity of Cecil Cres in Regina
Our basement has a block wall and partly wood under an addition. might not have weeping tile around. there is some deflection in 2 walls
Vicinity of Mitchell Cresent in Regina
I am looking to have a sump pump installed. We do not have anything currently.
Vicinity of Fleury St. in Regina
Water seepage through the cracks in basement floor during intense and heavy rain.
Vicinity of in Regina
I am the owner of the property listed above but my elderly mother lives at the address. We have had water in the basement over the summer and would like to understand what is causing this. Call me to arrange a free estimate for a repair at this property. Thanks
Vicinity of Hall Ave. in Regina
Looking for a price on redoing a basement window, which would likely include increasing the width/height of the opening and creating a window well. Please email.
Vicinity of Wood Cres in Regina
Wet basement
Vicinity of Winnipeg St in Regina
Looking for a quote to install a sump pump in our house
Vicinity of Acadia Bay in Regina
Interested in a sump system, and a view of the drainage in our home. We don't want to overspend or do something stupid, but we currently appear to be relying simply on our home being high relative to our neighbours and on pure dumb luck. We use dehumidifiers to control moisture in the basement.
Vicinity of Osler Street in Regina
I have water coming into my basement and would like an estimate on installing a sump pump.
Vicinity of Athol Street in Regina
Hello, Due to the heavy rain fall, we have been experiencing seepage in our basement against the north facing wall. We have a sump pump, we have cleared the gutters, and it seems to be concerted on the floor at low points in the concrete. We would like someone to give us a quote to let us know how to approach this issue. Thanks!
Vicinity of Gardiner Ave in Regina
Basement leaking
Vicinity of Elphinstone Street in Regina
We are looking for quotes to have an interior weeping tile system installed and the removal and replacement of our basement cement floor. Thanks!
Vicinity of Elphinstone St in Regina
I have a 2' by 2" crack in my basement wall that I noticed today has started leaking water into my basement.
Vicinity of Rae St in Regina
Inquiring about a sump-pump installation. Need to dig into concrete floor, put in sump pump, to reduce water pressure under floor. Would like estimate on this. Thanks, ~Robert
Vicinity of Pasqua St in Regina
Uneven floors which are currently held by cement blocks from the previous owners. Lots of dirt that is still moist and piled too high. Poor insulation done by previous owners - Would like main floor insulated and interior of crawl space sealed off.
Vicinity of Cameron Crescent in Regina
We want to replace the carpet in our finished basement with a waterproof alternative and have heard about thermaldry flooring. Please let us know what this costs per square foot and where we might find some in Regina. Thanks!
Vicinity of College Ave in Regina
Leaking in some parts of the basement during heave rain.
Vicinity of Wascana Highlands in Regina
We recently had sewage backup during last weeks storm on Thursday. We have to repair entire basement and are looking at preventative measures to reduce future risks. We would like you to look at our sump system and determine an estimate.